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“91% of recently surveyed active Instagram users say they watch videos on Instagram weekly.”1

If you chose Instagram as a core platform for your online marketing strategy then you know there is a significant increase in pressure to create video content. Some content creators jumped onto the video format early while others have tried to delay creating video for as long as possible. If you are in the latter group, you are not alone. Even though it has become essential to have regularly-posted engaging video content on Instagram to get your brand in front of the people,it doesn’t mean you have to become the star of stage and screen. Some people feel comfortable in front of a camera and some simply do not. How do you create important video content for your audience if you would rather jump off a cliff than talk to a camera? 

Before we tackle the how, let’s go over the what. Instagram offers 4 types of video content: Instagram Live (IGLive), Instagram Video (IG Video), Stories, and Reels.

IG Live

A live streaming format that allows creators to share real-time video with their audience directly in their feed. Learn more about IG Live in our recent post:

IG Video

The newest add to the Instagram video formats is Instagram Video. This in-feed video format offers you up to 60 minutes to share your ideas. IG Video can be viewed and engaged with much like your photos. As people scroll through their feed they will encounter your photos, your IG Video content, and your Reels. 


IG Stories are short, 15-second long videos that remain visible for just 24 hours. They typically target your current audience base and are short, easy engagement pieces. Once posted a story can be saved as a highlight to be viewed on your profile indefinitely.


These 15-30-second clips are inspired by the highly popular TikTok platform format. Though these short-form videos can be used to promote or educate they are first and foremost entertaining. Utilizing trending audio to overlay your videos you can catapult your content in front of thousands of viewers with just a little creative effort. 

You can either see these format offerings as four ways to creatively expand your business reach online or four ways to trigger an anxiety attack. Take a few deep breaths and know that you DO NOT have to be in front of the camera for your videos to have impact. Here are 4 Instagram video ideas for the camera shy. 

1. Slideshow

One of the simplest ways to create engaging video content for your audience is to tie a few photographs together. If making the transition to video content feels daunting – or maybe you just love taking pictures – then try creating slideshows to showcase your business. Link similarly-themed photos together and lay some appropriate music over top to create an engaging video. You can include words to share an idea, event or offering, or simply let the visuals and music speak for themselves. If you are utilizing IG Video or Reels you can expand on the content of the video in your caption. 

2. B-Roll

If you are uncomfortable with putting yourself in front of the camera then try shooting some video of your surroundings. “B-roll” is a film-production term for the supplemental footage that is included to help give tone and place to a story. This can be as simple as shooting the busy street outside your gym or office, or video clips from your latest travel adventure, or your garden. Shoot a B-roll that connects to the message you want to send through the caption and overlay with music and words to get your message across. If you are creating a video story, don’t forget to use stickers and links to direct your audience to your website or booking platform. 

3. Showcase your Clients and Staff

Social media is a social space. Sharing video of people is highly-engaging for most audiences. This does not mean the people in the video have to be you, they can be your clients or staff, friends or family, talking about you and your services. Creating short- or long-form videos of your client reviews or staff profiles are great ways to build connection between your Instagram audience and your business. You can even make this part of your client relationship, offering discounts for shared review video clips. However you collect these people-centered videos, remember to get permission to share someone’s likeness online before your post.

4. Voice Over

Another way for the camera shy to build a connection with your audience is to use your voice instead of  your face. Creating fun and interesting B-roll and then adding your voice overtop, sharing your ideas, offerings, and experience is a highly-effective way to build your brand. Voice-over videos can be used in all 4 format types available on Instagram. Just as your audience can build familiarity with your face they can also build connection with your voice. Take your audience on a walking tour of your studio, talking them through the space as you remain behind the camera. You are the voice of your brand, why not use it?


Instagram announced in  late 2021 that they “are no longer a photo-sharing app;” it is clear that for those businesses that have built their online strategy around Instagram, video content is a must. Whether you create long-form videos through IG Video or IG live, or short-form clips through Stories or Reels, shifting your photo-based strategy to video is a necessity. If the prospect of increasing your video production has you shaking in your boots because being on camera is your biggest fear, sleep easy. There are many ways to create engaging and valuable video content without ever having to step in front of the camera. Try out the different formats available to you, ensure they fit into your achievable schedule and remember to keep it fun.

If you would like guidance or are looking for support in planning your digital marketing, book a Discovery Call now. We can help you bring your services to those who need them most.

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